Looking to add to your real estate portfolio?

Our licensed agents are experience in purchasing commercial and residential investment real estate.  Our experience in property management gives us the knowledge needed to estimate renovation costs, know what similar units are renting for, and know what operating expenses to expect.  With us representing you during a sale, you will have our experience working for you!  We also network with other investors and agents, so we frequently know when properties are available for sale before anyone else.  We have experience in short sales, REO’s, Seller financing, no money down, foreclosures…  Contact an agent today to discuss how we can help you add to your real estate investment portfolio.

Want a great deal?  Talk to one of our agents who owns hundreds of their own rentals.  We have repositioned hundreds of units.  We have found and rehabbed multiple single family homes at the same time as well as repositioning a 174 unit apartment complex and multiple mobile home parks.  We make decisions based on experience we have as owners that feel the pain and pay the bills when something goes wrong.  Not as an agent that only works for commissions.  We have decades of combined experience and solid systems to keep your projects moving, on time and on budget.

Contact us today (330-455-4663) before you buy your next rental and benefit from our experience.  Duplicate our Successes and learn from our Mistakes!