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We have created this page to answer the most frequently asked questions about our acceptance
criteria. If you would like more information please call 330-455-Home (4663).


The following is an explanation of our acceptance criteria. This is not the complete list of criteria,
but it will answer the most frequently asked questions. For specifics, please turn in a complete
application. To qualify for a reduced deposit you must meet all of these criteria to a higher degree.

–If you are asked to leave a unit you may move into one of our properties. However, if a formal eviction is filed within the last five years, you won’t be approved.
–If we find any violations that you have not told us about you will not be approved.
–If you have any felony convictions you may not be approved.
–If you have any domestic violence, assault, weapons charges, theft, burglary, or similar charges you may not be approved.
–Registered sex offenders will not be approved.
–No Manufacture / Distribution of Illegal Substance Convictions.

–No one has been refused on credit alone. You just need to tell us about garnishment,
foreclosure, repossession & bankruptcy (We understand if this was due to medical bills or

Employment & Income:
–We must be able to contact your employer. You must provide at least 2 weeks of pay stubs for
each source of income. We must be able to prove that there is no reason that these sources of
income will stop in the near future.
–You must have a gross paycheck (Before taxes) that is equal to 4 times the rent or more.

Current Residence:
–We must contact 2 previous landlords. Your rent payments must be current with past landlords
(or the court if repairs were not done by the landlords.)

–Application filled out entirely. Contradictory information may be reason for non-acceptance.
–You must agree to all of the terms in our lease and addendums. No changes will be made.

Initial payment:
–You must pay the 1st month’s rent in full and the full upfront deposit (Unless other arrangements
are made in writing) before you receive keys. All utility bills that are your responsibility must be
transferred to your name prior to you receiving keys.

–We must receive positive information from one other reference that is not related to you.

This is a general explanation of our criteria. The exact criteria is posted in our office.

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Managers Contact Info:
Phone: 330-455-Home (4663)
Fax: 330-455-4662