Looking for Property Management?

Immediate Response– Owners get both our CEO’s cell phone & our Broker’s cell phone number so you can always reach one of us quickly.

Owner Statements are ALWAYS e-mailed on the first business day of the month so you know exactly how much your check is for from the previous month. Your check is ALWAYS mailed the morning of the next business day. We have the best management & accounting software made today so your statements are accurate & easy to read.
You will always know what is happening with your investment!
Advertising– We get thousands of individual page views per month on our web site.  We advertise on more than a dozen other websites to direct interest to your properties.  This generates many applications per month. Some of these applicants are pre-approved & just waiting for your property to become available. We have a customer base that prefers to rent from us.  Many tenants come back to us after trying other management companies.

We plan rather than react– With up to date information we can act faster & plan for the future rather than react to the whims of the market, contractors & tenants.

NO Minimum Charge– There is no charge for vacant properties. If You don’t make money, We don’t make money.

The Bottom Line is We can fill Your Investment Property FASTER with Quality Residents & then make them Happier so they stay Longer & give you a HIGHER Return!

We offer a wide range of management opportunities. There are 4 major services we provide.
1) We will lease your property for you and then manage the property after it is leased.
2) We will manage a rehab project or a clean out for you prior to leasing or at any time while we manage your property.
3) We specialize in helping you find rental properties to add to your portfolio.
4) Selling your property. One of our team of Agents will list your property for you.

Below is a basic description of our services. For more complete information please contact us at 330-455-4663. This information has been simplified, the complete agreement between the owner and management company is detailed in our management agreement.

1) Leasing
a. All advertising done specifically for a unit will be charged to the owners.  There are frequently no charges at all for this.
b. All advertising done generally for Clear Sky Realty, Inc. (CSR Inc.), or a particular unit type will be paid for by CSR Inc.
c. A page may be created, hosted and maintained on the web site www.ClearSkyRealty.com for each building managed by Clear Sky Realty, Inc. at no charge to the owner.
d. All resident (tenant) applicants must meet the Minimum Acceptance Criteria of CSR Inc. (7 major sections with 25 individual checks)
e. We have written standards, systems and criteria to protect both you and the tenants.
f. Owner agrees that legal council approved by CSR Inc. will be hired by owner for any and all incidence requiring a court appearance.
g. At the lease signing the first months rent and at least 1/2 of deposit will be collected.
h. Our leasing fee and any outstanding invoices (Specific advertising, utilities…) will be deducted from the collected monies.
i. Clear sky Realty, Inc. will complete all lease signings, smoke detector checks and move-in checklists.
j. You can choose whether we allow pets or not. If we do, you will receive an additional $25 per month in pet rent.
k. There is NO UPFRONT CHARGE for our services. If we do not rent your property we do not get paid. (We may ask for a deposit for advertising, mowing or paying utilities.)

2) Managing rental properties
a. All new applicants must meet Clear Sky Realty, Inc Minimum Acceptance Criteria.
b. All new leases and all lease renewals must use our Standard Lease.
c. All rents, charges, deposits and other monies will be collected by Clear Sky Realty, Inc.
d. Expense payments including but not limited to fees, utilities, replacement and repairs may be paid by us at the owner’s request. These bills will not be paid unless there is enough money in the owners account to cover all bills.
e. If expenses exceed the monthly income owners will reimburse CSR Inc. within 10 days of billing and before bills are paid. Bills in excess of $100 or in excess of the escrowed security deposit, whichever is less, may be forwarded to owner for payment.
f. CSR Inc. will send net rental income to the owner by the 5th business day of the month after it is collected. A complete account of all income & expenses will be sent to the owner monthly.
g. Clear Sky Realty, Inc. will sub-contract all cleaning and repairs to return units to rent ready condition after a move-out.
h. All forms, letters, and correspondence to residents will be through us.
i. Interior inspections of each unit (Furnace filter &/or Smoke detectors, plumbing inspections, water intrusion and storm damage) may be done at least once per year. (Owner may accompany management during these inspections.)
j. Clear Sky Realty, Inc. will be compensated a percentage of the gross collected income for each unit managed. (If we do not collect your rent or other income, we do not get paid.)
k. There is no charge if the unit is vacant.
l. Our emergency maintenance will be sub-contracted through one of our approved contractors.

3) Managing rehab projects
a. All repairs from start to finish will be contracted by one of our approved contractors.
b. Licensed professionals will be hired when required.
c. You will be given written estimates for all jobs over $500.00 if requested.
d. We require total estimated working capital to be deposited in our trust account at the
beginning of the month in which the work is to be started.
e. Clear Sky Realty, Inc will be compensated 10% over the cost of labor & materials for all non-recurring bills.

4) Past Collections: Any monies owed to the owner from past management companies, from tenants, or from any other parties may be collected at the owners request. If these monies were due prior to the contract date with Clear Sky Realty, Inc. there may be collection charges.

5) Many management companies require you to pay a commission to them if you sell your property while they are managing it. We Do Not! If you would like to sell your own property you are welcome to. If you want to list the property with a real estate agent you must use one of our agents.


We reserve the right to turn down the management of any property or anyone at anytime. Reasons include but are not limited to owners or agents not agreeing with our policies & procedures or if, at our sole discretion, we deem your property to be unsafe, in an unsafe area, or if we do not think it is not in our best interest or yours. We will not manage any properties if you are behind on your payments or in foreclosure.